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Diane Steeves & Associates
Long Term Care Insurance Specialists
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We can help you:
  • Protect your assets from the rising costs of long term care
  • Maintain a greater level of independence and dignity
  • Improve the quality of your life by controlling the out-of-pocket expense of LTC
Long Term Care Coverage
Providing benefits for services to help maintain your independence and your quality of life.
Tax Qualified Premiums and Benefits
100% tax deductible to self-employed and qualified benefits are received tax-free.
Personalized Plans
Design a plan to suit your individual needs. Your choice of Home and Community Based Care, Nursing Home Care, as well as a plan that combines both.
Up to 30% Discount for Joint Policies
Available to any two people living in the same household, partners included.
Flexible Payment Options
Tailor a schedule of premium payments that suits your financial situation.
Inflation Fighting Protection
Increase your benefits by 5% compounded annually.