An "Endorsed Group" plan allows each member to create a customized, individual Long Term Care (LTC) policy to fit his/her health and financial needs. By answering a series of simple questions, each member can choose and control the policy options such as daily benefit amount, waiting (deductible) period and inflation protection. These plans are tax-qualified, guaranteed renewable and portable.

An "Endorsed Group" Advantage includes:

  • 5% Premium discount for all members, spouses (partners), their parents or children, and retired members and their families.
  • Double benefit payment if care need caused by accident.
  • Multiple health rating categories- Means people with significant health problems may still be underwritten (i.e. diabetes, cancer, HBP)
  • Preferred underwriting given to all members or employees
  • Partner discounts (any 2 people living in the same household, do not have to be married), or Single policies available
  • 30% discount for each partner a joint policy/15% if partner does not apply (or is uninsurable)
  • Customize all policy options: No pre-selected (mandatory) options (daily or monthly benefit payment, multiple deductible options, simple or compound inflation protection plans, etc.)
  • All contracts are personal policies and are "guaranteed renewable" (cannot be cancelled if the premium has been paid), not "Certificates" commonly issued to group plan members, which have no legal standing. Each member has a direct legal tie to the insurance company, giving member full legal rights.