Washington Association of REALTORS©

The Washington Association of REALTORS© is proud to announce that through Diane Steeves and Associates, WAR members may purchase Long Term Care insurance with WAR’s “Endorsed Group” discount. This means our members may purchase one of Broker’s World Magazine’s top rated products, John Hancock’s Custom Care II Plan. This highly sought workplace benefit helps protect retirement assets, allowing individuals to maintain independence and lifestyle when the need for care arises.

What are the advantages of being a member of WAR’s endorsed group?

1. The Endorsed Group Discount.
-A 5% premium discount is available for eligible participants .

2. Preferred Underwriting.

-Additional discounts are available for people in excellent health.
- Family members who are not in the group are eligible for enrollment with the group discount.

3. Tax Breaks for Buying Insurance.
-LTC policy premiums may be up to 100% deductible as a business expense for the self-employed on their federal tax returns.

In addition to the benefits listed above, WAR members may create a customized, individual long-term care policy to fit health and financial concerns by answering a series of simple questions. You choose and control policy options, such as daily benefit amount, waiting periods, and inflation protection.

There is no insurance one is more likely to use. 49% of those reaching age 65 will require some type of Long Term Care in their lifetime. Today, the average cost of care is approximately $55,000 annually. In 7 years, the costs are expected to rise to over $80,000 per year, with experts predicting that, by 2020, annual costs could reach as high as $110,000 per year or more. This is why planning is essential. Most people fail to plan for Long Term Care until it is too late. It is too late when care is needed.

Now is the best time to take advantage of the Endorsed Group Discount being offered to members of WAR. For information on how to participate in this plan, please visit our Website: dianesteeves.com or e-mail Diane Steeves at DSTEEVESLTCWAR@AOL.COM or call 888-578-3383.