Frequently Asked Questions

What is long term care?
Long term care is the assistance or supervision given to a person who has a physical or mental disability that causes him or her to lose independence.

What is long term care insurance?
Long term care insurance pays the cost of care on a daily or monthly basis in whatever care facilities are outlined in the policy.

What determines the cost of a policy?
Most companies determine the cost of a policy based on the following:
1) Age
2) Health
3) Daily Benefits
4) How long the policy pays
5) When the policy begins paying
6) Whether or not the policy includes inflation protection

How do you select the right policy?
We would like to suggest some of the following as hallmarks of a good policy:

  • Competitive Prices - but not necessarily the lowest. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.
  • Conservative underwriting - medical evaluation allows Preferred, Standard & Preferred Non-Smoker
  • Control - buy a policy where you control the claim and the benefit payments via....

  • Comprehensive access to benefits - This means your doctor, not a company representative, writes the plan of care to initiate claims process.
    Indemnified benefits, full benefits - regardless of expenses, paid directly to you.
  • Restoration - you are "made whole" if you use some of your policy benefits, but then recover.
  • Discounts - for joint cases (up to 50%), with waiver of premium. Then if either person makes a claim the premiums stop. Other discounts may also be available.
  • "AA" rated or higher -from highly rated financial rating services. Look for billions in assets, as well as a high claims-paying history.
  • Home care, personal care, and homemaker services - all covered.
  • Compound inflation protection package - no limits; a must.
  • Company provides an advocate - without charge; a real person with whom you can have a direct relationship, not just an "800" help number.